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Sunday, January 16, 2011

b strong babe

PUTERI NAZLEEN AHMAD NAZRI.u r 1 of da best buddy i've ever had.some1 dat i can trust.some1 dat i can count on.a very good listener.a very good counselor.and soon u r gonna b a very good doctor.i am glad 2 know dat we r still friends till is not only about happiness.sometime we need to cry.i just want u 2 b strong n accept everything da way it is.don't think 2 much okay??everything will b worries k.coz i'm here 4 ue...if there's anything,,just let me know.and i'll try my best 2 make u feel better.BFF. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

our scandal pic...


i hope u'll b happy 4 ever matter what happen


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