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Monday, July 2, 2012


hye .
Assalamualaikaum .
today i'm feeling gedik n i just can't help it .
ni semua sbb last nite pnya cerita .
so last nite we talk on the phone .
n .. n .. n ..
urm .. it makes me feel gedik today .
make sense?
haha whatever .
i love it when *he talks about our future planning .
all those pets , mini zoo , mini library n bla3 .
i just love to hear everything he said .
don't ask me why .
hey even I can't figure out the reasons .
but who cares .
as long as we are happy , that is more than enough for me .
I don't mind if *he keep telling me the same things for thousand n thousand n thousand of times .
bcoz I love to hear those dreams again n again n again n againnnnnn .
n my eyes were wide open whenever he start telling me bout those beautiful planning for us n our future family .
plus , i can't wait to see him bcoz he promised to draw our "dreamland" for me .
cheewwaaahh , dreamland u oollss .
see?? I'm being super gedik already. 
enough of my gedik .
well i'm trying to say that i am very very very happy !! 
and gedik
and .....
to "Mr. you know who you are" ,
just tell me about those beautiful planning everyday .
bcoz i really love to hear them again .
n it makes me feel happy
and gedik as well
i won't get bored , i promise .
that's all for now.

p/s : iloveyou

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