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Thursday, September 6, 2012

but you've promised

you've promised ..
to forget every single thing about her ..
you've promised ..
you won't contact her ..
or reply her texts ..
or pick up her calls ..
or anything that has got something to do with her ..
you've promised ..
i trusted everything in you ..
i try to be the best ...
i do everything that i could to make u happy ..
i sacrificed everything i could just for you ..
i was so happy to be with you ..
my heart was broken for so many times because of you ..
but i still forgive you ..
and give you another chance ..
and another ..
and another ..
and another ...
because i believe that everyone deserves a second chance ..
n people can change ..
but you keep telling me lies ..
and you broke your promises ..
you ruined everything we have ..
my faith in you was fading ..
how should i build up my faith in you again ??
i feel weak ..
useless ..
not good enough compared to her ..
i cried myself to sleep everytime you broke my heart ..
i was so stupid to trust you again and again and again.
what else should i do ??
what else should i give you ??
what else should i sacrifice for you ??
my life ??
how could you do all that when you've promised not to ??
you've promised ...
you've promised ...
you've promised ...

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